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Lansing students achieve Honor Roll and High Honor Roll at Illiana

information provided by Illiana Christian High School

DYER, Ind. (April 17, 2019) – The following students from Lansing, Illinois, have made the Third Quarter Honor Roll and High Honor Roll at Illiana Christian High School:

High Honor Roll

  1. Andrew Bakker
  2. Genesis Barlow
  3. Brittany Benson
  4. Rachel Bosman
  5. Mackenzie Boss
  6. Anna Buiter
  7. Abby Ebbens
  8. Madison Hoogstra
  9. James Iaconelli
  10. Julia Kooistra
  11. Lyla Kooistra
  12. Amanda Kooyenga
  13. Regan Lyzenga
  14. Emma Miedema
  15. Allison Murrin
  16. Hannah Persenaire
  17. Grace Peterson
  18. Jane Peterson
  19. Kenny Pickard
  20. Emily Poortenga
  21. Hannah Sliekers
  22. Sydnee Tuuk
  23. Levi VanDrunen
  24. Tavares VanKuiken
  25. Michael VanMilligan
  26. Max Wegner

Honor Roll

  1. Nathan Bakker
  2. Brandon Boone
  3. Alex Bosman
  4. Alyssa Buczkowski
  5. Kaleb Dennis
  6. Jacob DeYoung
  7. David Haak
  8. Christopher Hayslett
  9. Adam Persenaire
  10. Matteo Rossi
  11. Timothy Triezenberg

Illiana Christian High School is located at 10920 Calumet Avenue in Dyer, Indiana.

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