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Sister Mary Jo debuts her 2019 baseball card

information provided by Marian Catholic High School

Sister Mary Jo from Marian Catholic holds her baseball card during a press conference at Marian Catholic school. (Photo: Mary Compton)
CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (April 12, 2019) – On Monday this week, Marian Catholic High School’s Sister Mary Jo Sobieck kicked off baseball season by debuting her very own 2019 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Trading Card.

Sister Mary Jo is known as the “Curveball Queen.” She signed 260 baseball cards that will be inserted into random Topps trading card packs.

During Marian Catholic High School night at Guaranteed Rate Field last August, Sister Mary Jo took the mound and threw a perfect pitch, earning the respect and admiration from baseball fans worldwide. In learning that Sr. Mary Jo is a lifelong baseball fan and an accomplished athlete in her own right, Topps felt she deserved to be one of their featured autograph subjects for the 2019 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Cards.

Sister Mary Jo speaks with a few Marian Catholic students regarding her baseball card. Topps decided to feature her on a baseball card after she threw a perfect pitch during a Chicago White Sox game in August of 2018. (Photo: Mary Compton)

The card signing took place at Marian Catholic High School, 700 Ashland Avenue, Chicago Heights.


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