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Three Memorial Junior High students advance to state science fair

LANSING, Ill. (March 29, 2019) – For some junior high students, the thought of a science project is met with feelings of dread or anxiety. For other students, it’s an opportunity to experiment and to research and to show off their knowledge of scientific processes. At Memorial Junior High, there’s no shortage of students who excelled in preparing and presenting projects.

Doing a science fair project is required of students each year, and the top projects are highlighted at the school’s annual science fair. The school has two teams—an “A” team and a “B” team—and 25 of the top projects from each team were selected to be featured at the February 16 science fair. This year the science fair, which was held at Memorial Junior High, was a joint science fair with Heritage Middle School.

Olamiposi Sulaimon (left) is shown here with Science Department Chair Ali Schroeder and Brianna Hill, who also participated in the regional science fair. Sulaimon will join Ainsley Grant and Craig Morrison at the state science fair in May. (Photo provided)

Following that science fair, Science Department Chair Ali Schroeder and other science teachers selected two projects from each 7th and 8th grade team to advance to the regional science fair, which was held on March 9 at North Central College in Naperville. The following students participated:

  • Michael Chancey—Does the oil on a lane affect the curve of a bowling ball?
  • Ainsley Grant—Sticky situation: Which glue works best?
  • Brianna Hill—Hand-Eye Dominance
  • Craig Morrison—Which sports drink contains the most electrolytes?
  • Olamiposi Sulaimon—How does color affect heating by absorption of light?
  • Angel Urquizo—How does a chemical reaction affect a rocket launch?
  • Ezra Vitale—Shaping Your Mind’s Eye
  • Ellie Wallace—How does temperature affect battery charge?
  • Cody Ziemkowski—Electromagnets

Schroeder said that in recent years, the school has typically had one student that has then advanced to the state level. This year there are three:

  • Ainsley Grant
  • Craig Morrison
  • Olamiposi Sulaimon
Memorial Junior High 7th grader Ainsley Grant advanced at the regional science fair with her project, Sticky situation: Which glue works best? She will compete at the state level on May 3 and 4. (Photo provided)

“I’m pleased to announce that three of our students will be advancing to the state science fair. It will be held on May 3rd and 4th at Southern Illinois University,” said Schroeder. “The three students advancing are 8th grader Craig Morrison, 7th grader Ainsley Grant, and 7th grader Olamiposi Sulaimon.”

Not only is it unusual that three students were selected to compete at the state level, but according to Schroeder it has been many years since a 7th grader has moved on. It hasn’t happened in the five years that she’s been coordinating the science fair.

“All of Memorial Jr. High is every excited to see three kids advance. We have not had a 7th grader advance in a long time, and this year we have two,” said Schroeder. “Myself and Dr. Ross will go to state with them, and we are very excited to cheer them on.”

Memorial Junior High School is located at 2721 Ridge Road in Lansing, Illinois.

Carrie Steinweg
Carrie Steinweg
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