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Candidate info: District 215 School Board

About the position

What they do

School Board 215 establishes policy to provide a school system that represents the best community and professional concepts of education. The Board oversees the Superintendent, who applies the policies and is responsible for the effective administration of the four schools in this district. District 215 includes Calumet City as well as Lansing.

What they’re paid


Terms and meetings

School Board 215 consists of seven members elected to four-year terms. The usual meeting schedule is once a month.

About the 2019 candidates

Lansing voters can vote for 3 of these 6:

  • Sheryl Black (All Voices Matter)
  • Michael Bolz (Citizens for District 215)
  • Kevin Green (All Voices Matter)
  • Miacole Nelson (All Voices Matter)
  • Rita Oberman (Citizens for District 215)
  • Morgan Waller (Citizens for District 215)

A short bio of each candidate appears below.

Sheryl Black

Resumé highlights

  • Current School Board member, IASB Master Board Member
  • Co-Chair of Safety Committee, member of Policy Committee
  • Parent of two TF South alumni
  • Successful leadership of 2010 referendum campaign in District 171

Sheryl Black: “The number one priority for the School Board should be focusing on what is best for all the students we serve. While the demographics of the student population have changed and we now serve approximately 90% students of color, the demographics of the School Board do not reflect that change.”

Michael Bolz

Resumé highlights

  • Eight-year School Board member, current Vice President
  • Chair of Curriculum Committee and Technology Committee
  • Board IASB Delegate
  • Masters Degree in Learning Sciences, PhD in process
  • Endorsed by Local 683 IFT

Michael Bolz: “We [the Candidates for District 215 slate] are committed to making fiscally responsible decisions. Of course, every single candidate will tell you that. The difference here is, we read every line in every bill. It’s good Board oversight, and it lets the Administration know we are actually looking at the bills, and we are actually looking at how the taxpayers’ money is being spent. We are committed to doing things responsibly; we want to do more with less. Our district has strived to keep that tax levy where it’s at for the past 10 years, and we hope to do it for another 10 years.”

Kevin Green

Resumé highlights

  • 5 years at Schrum Junior High School Athletic Department
  • 2 years at TF South High School Athletic Department
  • Administrator of youth programs in Calumet City
  • Parent of a District 215 student

Kevin Green: “I am committed to advocating for our children, ensuring they are equipped with the tools needed to be successful. I would like to build on our after school programs, improving athletic achievement, and infusing academics and athletics. I am ready to be the voice for the students and families that constitute District 215. I am vested in the community and ready to work toward positive change.”

Miacole Nelson

Resumé highlights

  • Teamsters Local 700 Union Steward
  • Experienced District 215 Board member
  • Employed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • Parent of four District 215 alumni

Miacole Nelson: “With my background and knowledge of our district I can help provide the necessary leadership that moves the district in right direction for the future of our children and our community. I have served within our schools working to improve student achievement and rallying parents to get engaged in educational issues. I am clear about the need to close the achievement gap, and my top priority is to ensure that all students have access to a quality education that prepares them to become productive citizens.”

Rita Oberman

Resumé highlights

  • Eight-year District 215 School Board member, IASB Master Board Member
  • Chair of Policy Committee and Building and Grounds, Co-Chair of Safety Committee
  • Six-year District 171 School Board member, serving as President, Vice-President, and Secretary
  • Parent of two TF South graduates
  • Endorsed by Local 683 IFT

Rita Oberman: “Obtaining scholarships for our students became a prime concern when I realized our students were not applying for many scholarships available. I heard about the 100 Black Men Scholarship Program, and we were able to get several students on-the-spot scholarships—now it is an annual event we attend. Several years ago I encouraged our counselors to submit student lists for ISAC Scholarships; this year 30 students received these scholarships.”

Morgan Waller

Resumé highlights

  • Cook County Business Analyst
  • Membership Chairman for National Black MBA Association, Chicago Chapter
  • Previous substitute teacher for all four schools in District 215
  • Masters Degree in Public Administration; Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and Political Science
  • Endorsed by Local 683 IFT

Morgan Waller: “Giving back to the community has been my number one priority. I am passionate about being a voice of the younger generation and bringing a wide range of perspectives to the table. I am passionate about applying my educational experiences to raise awareness, create fairness, and bring solidarity to District 215. I have been heavily involved in the community and because of that, I am empowered to relate, create, execute, and lead.”


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