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Second How-To Festival attracts new participants

Saturday, February 9, 10:00am–3:00pm

by Melanie Jongsma

LANSING, Ill. (February 9, 2019) – “Everyone who comes really has a good time,” said Library Director Debbie Albrecht. Albrecht’s only regret about today’s How-To Festival was that even more people didn’t participate. Her vision is for Lansing’s How-To Festival to rival the one in Louisville, which attracts thousands of people to dozens of classes. “Of course, that’s a much bigger library,” she conceded.

The Lansing library hosted 19 classes today, each 30 minutes long. Library staff noted that the classes were larger than at the first How-To Festival, held last September.

The Festival included the following classes:

Jill Watterson of Young Living Essential Oils taught “How Your Family can Live Clean—Body and Home—with Essential Oils.” The room smelled like lavender and eucalyptus when she was finished. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Karen Farrar, of Stampin’ Up showed students “How to Make a Card.” (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Rosalee C. Lester (far right) provided colorful materials and showed people “How to Make a Tee-Shirt Scarf.” (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Marija Stancov had recently learned “How to Create a Vision Board” herself, and she shared ideas and examples with the class. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Karen Adams led two different sessions of “You Can Play the Ukulele.” By teaching students a few basic chords, she had them playing actual songs within 30 minutes:

Have you wondered how to host a family game night? There’s a class for that! Jami Thompson led it. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Patty Higgins (right) had a display about family histories and genealogy. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Daniel Cuthbert’s class convinced participants that it’s possible to take “Awesome Pictures with Any Camera” by simply following some rules of good composition. Cuthbert showed samples of his own photography as well as the work of professionals. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Kelli Staley offered practical tips for “How to Tame Your Email: In Pursuit of Inbox Zero.” At least one student began applying the tips right away, on her phone. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Albrecht does plan to offer a third How-To Festival, and she hopes that as today’s participants talk about the fun they had and the skills they learned, interest will grow.

The Lansing Public Library is located at 2750 Indiana Avenue in Lansing, Illinois.

Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.


  1. Looks so great – I had to work but if not I would have been there!!! Please promote it more: Large sign outside the building, flyers in stores and windshields might be good. Of course the Lansing paper but also an article or ad in the Shopper. Advertise on Lansing cable naturally!! See how much or how to place an ad on Channel 9 and 32. CALL those who have attended and ask them to ‘tell a friend’ or two as well as attend again!!!!!

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