Governor Pritzker signs ‘Back to Basics’ first executive order


EO 2019-01 ensures compliance with state statutes, transparency laws, and data publishing requirements

information provided by the Office of the Governor

Chi Hack Night [CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (January 19, 2019) – In his first official act as the 43rd governor of Illinois, Governor JB Pritzker signed his first executive order at 1:00pm on January 15 to usher in a renewed era of transparency among state agencies. This is a “back to basics” focus on serving the public and a requirement that all agencies ensure they are in compliance with the law.

The first executive order of the Pritzker administration directs state agencies, boards, and commissions to immediately review their compliance with statutory mandates, come into compliance with data transparency laws, and release all data that is required to be disclosed under state law, as well as review potential voluntary disclosures that would improve transparency, and provide plans to address all audit findings of the past four years.

“Good government starts with making the state accountable to its people and ensuring every Illinoisan has access to the services they need,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Our state’s hardworking residents deserve to know how taxpayer money is being spent, and I will ensure that transparency is a core value of my administration. By shining a light on how the state is and isn’t living up to its responsibility to our citizens, we can start making real improvements in the lives of families across Illinois.”

The elements of the executive order include:

  • A requirement that every agency, board, and commission review all statutory obligations and audit findings from the past four years and provide a plan within 60 days to address findings;
  • A requirement that every agency, board, and commission review laws and regulations on publishing data and ensure compliance within 30 days;
  • A requirement that every agency, board, and commission review their data publishing practices—including past practices—within 60 days to move toward greater voluntary data disclosure.