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Area blood supply dips to dangerously low levels

information provided by Vitalant

LifeSource is now known as Vitalant.
ROSEMONT, Ill. (January 14, 2019) — Although January is marked as ‘National Blood Donor Month,’ this weekend’s snowfall, coupled with an already dwindling blood supply at area hospitals, has officials with Vitalant urging Chicagoans to go out and donate as soon as possible. Vitalant (formerly LifeSource) operates 17 donation centers located throughout the city and suburbs—including Lansing—that are open every day this week.

Severe weather and icy roads lead to more accidents and an increased need for blood. If a major accident or tragedy were to occur somewhere in the Chicagoland area, officials with Vitalant are concerned there might not be an adequate supply of O-Negative blood to treat those most severely injured.

All blood types are needed; however, in emergency situations, when a patient’s blood type isn’t known, doctors reach for type O blood to sustain life until the patient can be stabilized.

It’s the blood already on the shelf that helps in an emergency, so Vitalant works to maintain a safe and ready supply at all times. It takes about 24 to 36 hours to process, test, and distribute each blood donation before it is delivered to hospitals.

“It’s extremely important that people donate blood, especially during this time of year when blood donations are at their lowest, not only here in the Chicago area, but across the entire country,” said Vitalant Regional Director Eva Quinley. The actual donation is safe and easy, and it takes less than 15 minutes.

Lansing’s Vitalant center is located at 2 River Plaza, in the plaza near the southwest corner of Torrence and 170th. View all center locations at, or call 877-258-4825 (877-25VITAL).


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