New feature: Community announcements


LANSING, Ill. (December 2018) – Readers of The Lansing Journal have recently expressed interest in an “announcements” feature—and we’re responding.

If you’d like to announce a special anniversary, a new birth, a graduation or other milestone—you can now do so in the print and online versions of The Lansing Journal.

The cost is $50 for an eighth-page ad (5×3.625″) black-and-white ad. You provide the message and photo, and we can help with the layout if needed. As a bonus, we’ll also run a color version of your announcement online.

Announcements like these help put “community” into a community newspaper, so we appreciate your submissions!


Actual printed size: 5×3.625″
Actual printed size: 5×3.625″
This announcement ran in black-and-white in our June issue at the 5×3.625″ size. It was then re-posted online in color.