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Assessor’s Office again certifies assessments early

information provided by Cook County Assessor’s Office

CHICAGO, Ill. (November 28, 2018) – Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios announced that his office has certified the 2018 City of Chicago Triennial Reassessment earlier than last year’s triennial reassessment and will again publish all assessed values ahead of the anticipated schedule.

Assessments have been completed on time or early for every one of Assessor Berrios’ eight full years in office. That had not happened in any of the previous 34 years under numerous previous assessors. Late assessments cause late revenue, which necessitates borrowing by schools and communities to meet budget.

“My office certified the assessment early again this year. This will help ensure that Second Installment Tax Bills will once again be mailed on the statutorily mandated date of July 1st next year,” Assessor Berrios said.

“[Timely mailing of Second Installment Tax Bills] has also allowed taxpayers to plan their finances with a reliable tax bill schedule,” Berrios added.


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