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TF South Athlete Spotlight: Erin Titus

Five things to know about Erin

information submitted by Matt Tiffy, Assistant Athletic Director

Erin Titus
LANSING, Ill. (October 30, 2018) – Senior Erin Titus plays varsity volleyball for the TF South Rebels. She has been on varsity for three years.

Why do you like to play volleyball?

I enjoy playing volleyball because it’s a way to escape the daily pressures of school life.

What is your favorite moment while playing at TF South?

One of my favorite moments—although there are many—is meeting a lot of new people and the bond you create with people.

What are your plans for the future for college?

I haven’t decided yet if I want to play volleyball in college, but I will be majoring in Special Education at the University of Purdue Northwest.

What is your favorite subject and teacher and why?

My favorite subject is Child Care and my favorite “teacher” is Brittney. She is not only my sub teacher, she’s also the athletic trainer who has helped to support me through my career here at TF South.

Erin has played a solid role for the volleyball team for the last three years. Her dependability and passing skills are second to none.
-Coach Kim Sands

Each month the TF South coaching staff choose to spotlight a male and female athlete whose performance on and off the field is notable. Students are nominated based on how they have helped their teams and the strength of their academic average that allows them to participate in sports.


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