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Fox Pointe feedback provides encouraging correction

Further input accepted through October 22, 2018

by Melanie Jongsma

LANSING, Ill. (October 14, 2018) – People who responded to last week’s invitation to offer Fox Pointe feedback were largely positive about both the venue and the event, with a few suggestions for improvement.

“My husband and I have lived in Lansing for 14 years, and we bought our home in Lansing 5 years ago because of the way Lansing is invested in the community,” said one reviewer. “I am VERY PROUD and very happy that Lansing made Fox Pointe a priority.”

Another reviewer wrote, “I am so incredibly proud of my community for creating such a beautiful space. I enjoyed Autumn Fest and I look forward to the next event. The only thing I would adjust is the locks on the women’s bathroom stalls.” She was not the only reviewer to mention the bathrooms.

Another problem mentioned by multiple reviewers was the decorative footlights along the sidewalk around the pavilion. Though the lighting effect was commented on as a positive, the tripping hazard posed by lights that are not quite flush to the ground was a negative.

One more week

The Lansing Journal will continue to collect feedback for another week, using the form below. On October 22, we will compile the forms, organize the comments into categories, and share the feedback with Village officials.

You can use the form anonymously if you prefer.

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