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Dog park opens Monday, September 17 (updated with photos)

Grand opening celebration to be scheduled later

by Melanie Jongsma

LANSING, Ill. (September 14, 2018) – Opening Day at Paws ‘n Play Dog Park (in Bock Park) is scheduled for Monday, September 17. The park will be open from dawn to dusk to anyone who has purchased a membership. A one-year membership costs $50 for Lansing residents, and the park is accessible any day throughout the year.

Membership packets are available online at and in person at the Eisenhower Center, 2550 178th Street. In order to complete the application, owners will need to refer to their dogs’ records and indicate the dates of various vaccinations. The forms can be completed at home, but payment is required in person, and activating the dog park entrance fob must be done in person.

A grand opening celebration will be scheduled at a later date, but the park will be open to all members who have been issued a dog park fob, starting at dawn on Monday.

Dog park members are issued a fob that can be read by this electronic sensor to open the gate. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Once inside the dog park, you realize how expansive it is. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
The perimeter along the fencing has been lined with limestone. This makes it easier for park district staff to maintain the lawn, by eliminating the need for trimming along the fence. Limestone is a safe surface for dogs who like to run along the length of the fence, so it’s a good replacement for grass that would be worn down. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Five benches provide places for patrons to socialize. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
The large tree along Chicago Avenue has been incorporated into the dog park. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Additional dog waste receptacles are being installed for added convenience. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Water is available for dogs and their owners. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
One of the finishing touches before Opening Day on Monday is to attach the signs indicating dog owner/donors who helped fund the dog park. These personal sponsorships can be purchased for $100 through the Eisenhower Center. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)


Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.