Agendas: Village Board, Committee of the Whole, and Public Hearing meetings – 07/17/18

drug investigation
The Lansing Police Department is located at 2710 E 170th Street in Lansing, Illinois. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

All residents are welcome to attend Committee of the Whole meetings and Village Board meetings. This week’s meetings include a Public Hearing that will begin at 6:50pm, before the regular Board and Committee of the Whole meetings, which will begin at 7:00pm. Meetings of the Village Board are typically held at 7:00pm on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at the Municipal Court Complex, 2710 170th Street.

Knowing what’s coming

The Open Meetings Act requires that “An agenda for each regular meeting shall be posted at the principal office of the public body and at the location where the meeting is to be held at least 48 hours in advance of the holding of the meeting.” The Village of Lansing posts agendas and minutes from public meetings in the “Documents” section of their website.

For convenience, agendas are also posted here:

Subscribers to the online version of The Lansing Journal receive an email each morning with links to Lansing headlines, so they stay informed about items being discussed at public meetings:

About the two types of meetings

Primarily, Village Board meetings are for voting; Committee of the Whole meetings are for discussion. At each Village Board meeting, the Trustees are voting on items that have been discussed at the most recent Committee of the Whole meeting, usually two weeks previous. (Occasionally the span between meetings is longer than two weeks, such as when a month has five Tuesdays.) Placing the vote two weeks after the discussion gives the Trustees time to further research items, and it gives the public an opportunity to voice their questions and opinions.