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First 2018 Cruise Night set for Saturday, June 9

by Will Farlow

LANSING, Ill. (June 1, 2018)- If you are looking for a car show that includes muscle cars, Camaros, family cars, and the average classic car, you should walk over to Ridge Road for the first Cruise Night of Summer 2018. Lansing holds three Cruise Nights each summer—in June, July, and August—and each one brings people from all over the area into Lansing.

Barb Vlietstra says Lansing’s Cruise Nights are among the largest in the area. Vlietstra is the owner of Thunder Road Productions, who teams up with LACE (Lansing Association for Community Events) and Phillips Chevrolet to deliver a community-building event that is fun for families. Security officers are instructed to make sure people are safe—they prevent inappropriate drinking and other habits that detract from the event’s overall goal.

Cruise Nights are different from car shows. At a typical car show, judges are evaluating specific categories. At a Cruise Night, awards are handed out much more subjectively. Any average car seen at the event that night could receive an award.

“Most cars that win awards at the average car show in a town are the muscle cars, GTOs, and the Camaros,” explained Vlietsra. “At Cruise Night, there is no judging involved. We like to give the awards to the guy that doesn’t always win, or the guy with a unique car.”

Pat Leck has been a leader for LACE for a number of years. She enjoys working with Thunder Road Productions to make sure each Cruise Night in Lansing is something people enjoy. Leck and Vlietstra are both Lansing natives, so Lansing Cruise Nights hold personal importance as well.

“I have lived in Lansing my whole life,” said Vlietstra. “I started my business here, and it’s been amazing to work with Lansing and make Cruise Night one of the biggest in the area. With my food vendor help from Lynnie Que’s and my long time liaison Pat Leck, we hope to continue to make Lansing Cruise Nights a great family event.”

The first 2018 Lansing Cruise Night hits Ridge Road on Saturday, June 9, from 6:00–10:00pm. The next two Cruise Nights are scheduled for July 14 and August 4.



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