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Curtis Wayne Hunt gives farewell concert at Visible Music College

by Will Farlow

LANSING, Ill. (May 20, 2018) – Four years ago, Curtis Wayne Hunt worked with the local community of Lansing to transform the 1890s building that once housed, at various times, Lansing’s Village Hall, the Lansing Police Department, the Building Department, and the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce. The black and white building is now Visible Music College, and Hunt’s vision and workmanship helped create an environment there that could inspire musicians and artists as well as their listeners.

So it was fitting for Hunt to say farewell from the stage he helped create. His farewell concert included various popular jazz and pop songs that highlighted the meaning of being a part of the Lansing campus of Visible Music College.

Hunt described the feeling of great energy and creativity that his students put into their work, along with the musicians who played with him in his concert Sunday evening. He touched on how much the development of Visible Music College in Lansing has meant to him during the past four years.

“It feels awesome,” he told the crowd, “and I am so grateful for all of the people that gave to make this place happen. This was a Village building, and the rehab and help given by the community, and being invested in this college growing and becoming its own and coming to life in this building—I couldn’t have done any of this without people a part of this process. I am grateful and humbled and couldn’t be more excited for what happens to the school moving forward.”

Hunt is leaving Visible Music College to head back to his home in Minneapolis, where he hopes to continue to leave his mark in music by inspiring those around him. The legacy left behind at this college is prevalent in the music created.

Hunt explained, “I feel that a lot of that legacy that is left here goes to the students. Their art cultivated is a product of my work and their education. When I get back to Minneapolis, which really is home, I’ll continue to do what I did here—investing in artists and religious leaders, and creating work that is inspirational for people.”

Visible Music College is located at 3404 Lake Street in Lansing, Illinois.


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  1. Just curious. Is VMC going to continue without CWH? If so, who will take over the leadership role?

    • Eric, Visible Music College will continue. Curtis Wayne Hunt was Chair of the Modern Music Department and helped start the Lansing campus, but other campus leaders still remain. Cameron Harvey, for example, is the VP of Academics.

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