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Dan Podgorski becomes Lansing Hall-of-Famer

information provided by the Lansing Little League Executive Board

Podgorski (center) is described as “the first person at the sports complex, and quite
often the last to leave.” (Photo provided)
LANSING, Ill. (April 21, 2018) – During Opening Day ceremonies for the 2018 season, Dan Podgorski was inducted into the Lansing Little League Hall of Fame.

Podgorski, who formerly served as Village President and currently serves as Village Administrator, became involved in Lansing Little League as a player in 1980, after his family moved to Lansing from Harvey, Illinois. He played for Lions Club and Coach Bill Pierce, and then played in the Babe Ruth program until his 18-year-old season. After a summer off, he became a manager in the Babe Ruth 14–15-year-old league for five years.

Podgorski transitioned out of coaching in order to raise a family. He served as Babe Ruth President from 1993–1995. During that time, he also became more involved in Lansing Old Timers, serving as Treasurer for the organization. He resumed coaching in 1996 when his oldest daughter, BreAnne, got involved in Little League and then in Lansing Girls Softball the following year. Podgorski has coached one of his kids’ teams every year since 1996, most recently with Caden in Little League and Miley in Lansing Girls Softball. Along the way, he served as Lansing Old Timers President from 1996–2011 and Concessions Manager in 2012. He began his current tenure as Lansing Old Timers President in 2013.

The Lansing Little League Executive Board said of Podgorski, “He tirelessly works to provide everything needed for youth sports to be an enjoyable experience for participants, families, and visitors—all with a spirit of humility that is contagious. His humble service is the blueprint for all who volunteer their time and efforts.”


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