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Legislative Public Safety Working Group meets on gun violence, school safety measures

information provided by the Office of the Governor

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (April 6, 2018) – The newly-formed bipartisan bicameral Legislative Public Safety Working Group began discussions on a wide range of issues that impact the safety and security of Illinois citizens.

The meeting was the first in what Governor Bruce Rauner and legislators expect to be a series of discussions this session on a comprehensive approach to public safety. Rauner is working to engage with legislators to collaborate on critical issues of gun trafficking, school safety, mental health, and crime prevention.

The April 6 meeting centered on gun issues and school safety. On the latter, the administration shared recommendations developed by a panel of school administrators and police and fire officials who are members of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force. Potential action items include behavioral threat assessments, information-sharing among schools, student safety tip lines, active shooter drills, and enhanced fire alarm protocols.

The Working Group agreed to discuss the school recommendations at its next meeting.

In the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Valentine’s Day, the Governor asked the four legislative leaders of the Illinois General Assembly to appoint members to serve on a legislative public safety working group. House Democrats and House and Senate Republicans attended yesterday. The Senate Democrat caucus has not appointed members.

“Illinois already has some of the toughest gun laws in the U.S.,” Rauner said. “Yet we have ample proof that current law doesn’t do enough to prevent people from obtaining illegal guns and committing acts of gun violence. The purpose of this group is to widen the lens on the problem and deliberate on measures to make Illinoisans in schools, churches—everywhere—safer.”

The April 6 meeting was chaired by former U.S. Attorney from the Central District of Illinois Rodger A. Heaton, who serves as Governor Rauner’s Chief of staff.


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