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May Special: Mother’s Day announcements

Actual printed size: 5×3.625″

Submission deadline: April 20

The next print issue of The Lansing Journal comes out on May 2—the perfect opportunity to give your mom a special Mother’s Day greeting.

Actual printed size: 5×3.625″
Actual printed size: 5×3.625″
For half the price of our regular eighth-page black-and-white ad, you can put a photo and a Mother’s Day message in the May issue of The Lansing Journal.


  • Price: $50, due at time of order
  • Size: 5×3.625”
  • Colors: Black-and-white
  • You provide: One photo and whatever message you want your announcement to say.
  • We provide: Professional layout, additional clipart if necessary, and a PDF proof for you to approve.
  • Content due: APRIL 20

It’s not too early to place your order! Contact Erin N. at the Shopper to reserve your spot and make payment arrangements—

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