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Lansing Beautification Committee holds first meeting

On March 12, the newly formed Lansing Beautification Committee convened. Led by Village Clerk Vivian Payne, this initial meeting was to go over the goals of the committee, review the planting schedule and locations, and let the members get to know each other.

The creation of the committee fulfills a campaign promise made by Payne. “As part of my ongoing efforts to keep Lansing clean, I would like to initiate and facilitate a hands-on Village Beautification Committee. This committee would generate a stronger sense of community pride and improve the aesthetics of our Village.” Payne stated on her campaign literature.

The goals  of the committee include:

  • acting as an Advisory Committee to the village
  • being responsible for planting and maintaining, except watering, flowers and shrubs in flower pots in the downtown business district, the area around welcome signs, History Plaza, and Fox Pointe. This includes summer and fall flowers as well Christmas decor in pots
  • spearheading Spring Clean-Up Day on April 28, 2018, and possibly other clean-up efforts throughout the village
  • holding the Annual property beautification contest

Summer Flowers are scheduled to be planted by the committee between May 14 and May 31. History Plaza flowers planned include Petunia Pink Wave, Petunia Easy Wave Blue, Coleus, Kingswood Torch, and Melampodium Jackpot Gold.

Flowers planned for large and small pots throughout the village include Prince Tut Grass, Calliope Dark Red Geranium, Dorotheanthus Mezzo, Scaevola Bombay Dark Blue, Calibrachoa Cruze Yellow, Canna Bronze Orange, Coleus Gays Delight, and Setcreasea Purple.

Flowers in Fox Pointe and around the welcome signs had not been selected.

In addition to Payne, members of the committee include Mayor Patty Eidam, Trustee Maureen Grady-Perovich, Trustee Mike Manno and his wife Kathy, Dan and Susan Bovino, Tavin Brooks, Diane Lund, Mary Beth Palka, Richard Smits, Matthew Splant, and Dana Wood.

Further information about the Beautification Committee, contact Vivian Payne, Village Clerk:


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