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Walgreens now offering new shingles vaccine

Shingrix® recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for healthy adults aged 50 years and over

information provided by Walgreens newsroom

DEERFIELD, Ill. (March 8, 2018) – Walgreens today announced that Shingrix®, the first new shingles vaccine in more than a decade, is now available at most Walgreens across the U.S., including Puerto Rico. (Due to state regulations, the Shingrix vaccine is currently not available at Walgreens pharmacies in Florida.) According to the CDC, two doses of Shingrix is more than 90 percent effective at preventing shingles and postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), the most common complication from shingles.

Beginning March 15, the vaccine will also be available at all Walgreens Healthcare Clinics.

“Vaccination remains the best and only protection against the shingles virus,” said Tasha Polster, vice president, immunizations for Walgreens. “By adding Shingrix to our immunizations offering, we are even better equipped to care for our patients as we strive to keep our communities healthy.”

Healthy adults age 50 and older should receive two doses of Shingrix two to six months apart, even if they have previously received a shingles vaccine, have had shingles or if they are uncertain if they have previously had chickenpox. (If a patient has recently received the Zostavax vaccine, they should wait at least eight weeks before receiving the Shingrix vaccine.)

Vaccinations are available during pharmacy and clinic hours while an immunizing health professional is on duty, including evenings, overnights at 24-hour pharmacy locations, weekends and holidays, with no appointment necessary, when supplies are available.

Pharmacy hours at the Torrence Avenue Walgreens are 9:00am–9:00pm, Monday–Friday, and 9:00am–5:00pm on weekends.

Pharmacy hours at the Ridge Road Walgreens are 8:00am to midnight, seven days a week.

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