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TF South provides school safety information

Parent involvement also encouraged

by Jake Gourley, TF South Principal

LANSING, Ill. (February 21, 2018) – School safety is a concern that has been on everyone’s mind in light of the recent tragedy in Florida. District 215 is committed to making sure our schools are safe spaces for our students and staff.

Each year, we review and update our crisis response plan in conjunction with the Lansing Police Department. Local authorities conduct regular training sessions on our campus to familiarize themselves with the building. Our classrooms are locked during instruction time, and we also conduct two hard lockdown (“Code Red”) drills each year, including an active shooter simulation.

The best line of defense, however, is to be proactive instead of reactive, and this is where we ask for your help and that of our students, whose eyes and ears are able to see and hear things that might exist in the social media world or otherwise beyond the purview of school officials. If, at any time, a student has a concern about his/her safety or that of others, please make sure to contact us immediately. “If you see something, say something,” is an important phrase to remember.

Finally, if you possess firearms in your place of dwelling, please make sure they are locked safely and out-of-reach of children. Thank you in advance for your efforts in helping us keep our school the safe place it has always been.

Mr. Gourley also provided the following information about two upcoming opportunities for parent involvement:

  • Tomorrow, Thursday, February 22: Our Parent Advisory Board will hold their monthly seminar series at 7:00 in the cafeteria. This month’s theme is drug abuse awareness. Parent Liaisons Mrs. Teresa Stegall-Henri and Mr. Darvel Stinson have arranged for an informative evening including refreshments and raffles.
  • Saturday, February 24: The District 215 Parent Workshop will take place at TF North High School from 8:00am–1:00pm. You should have already received an e-vite from Dr. Williams, but below please find a flyer for any last-minute RSVPs. The workshop will feature keynote addresses, breakout sessions, a vendor fair, and raffles. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided. TF North is located at 755 Pulaski Road in Calumet City, and there is ample parking. If you would like, a courtesy shuttle bus will depart from TF South’s main entrance at 7:45am and return at the end of the workshop.

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