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IDOT and Illinois State Police encourage sober driving during Super Bowl weekend

Expect increased safety patrols, seatbelt enforcement zones, and roadside safety checks

information provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (February 1, 2018) – As America’s football fans gear up for one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, the Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois State Police are taking a timeout to spread an important safety message: Fans don’t let fans drive drunk.

“Avoid the unsportsmanlike conduct of impaired driving by handing off your keys before the party starts,” said IDOT Deputy Secretary Omer Osman. “Designate a sober driver, use public transportation, or call a taxi or rideshare service so that you, your passengers, and everyone on our roads make it home safely.”

Even a small amount of alcohol can impair judgment and reaction times, making driving unsafe. The Illinois State Police and nearly 100 local police departments and sheriff’s offices will be stepping up impaired driving enforcement efforts around the clock this weekend. Motorists can expect to see an increase in safety patrols, seatbelt enforcement zones, and roadside safety checks.

“DUIs are responsible for nearly one-third of all fatal crashes in Illinois. A single DUI can cost thousands of dollars, suspension of driving privileges, and jail time, and can potentially cause serious injury or death,” said ISP Director Leo P. Schmitz. “Troopers will be out in force conducting roadside safety checks and roving patrols to remove drunk drivers from Illinois roadways. Please plan ahead to arrive home safe this Super Bowl weekend by designating a driver or alternate transportation. Everyone wins when we all make it home safe.”

The Super Bowl enforcement campaign is part of the Illinois Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over and Click It or Ticket programs funded with federal highway safety dollars administered by IDOT.