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Illinois EPA makes vehicle recall awareness more convenient

‘Check To Protect’ information available at vehicle emissions testing facilities

information provided by Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

CHICAGO, Ill. (January 5, 2018) – Illinois EPA Director Alec Messina announced the Illinois EPA is partnering with the National Safety Council to inform drivers about the importance of checking their vehicle’s recall status and scheduling a free repair if needed.

The Illinois EPA will display posters at each of its vehicle emissions testing facilities to promote Check To Protect, a recall awareness campaign recently launched by the NSC. The posters will hang in test station lobbies, as well as waiting booths, to encourage drivers to visit and learn their vehicle’s recall status while emissions testing takes place. Drivers will need their Vehicle Identification Number, which is located on the vehicle’s driver’s side door jamb or windshield. It is also located on vehicle insurance cards.

Free repairs

Almost 1 in 4 vehicles on the road today in Illinois has an open recall. Many of these recalls can pose serious safety risks to drivers and passengers if they are neglected. The NSC and the Illinois EPA want all drivers to know that recalls are 100 percent free to have repaired at a local dealership.

“Illinois EPA is pleased to partner with the National Safety Council to encourage motorists to check on safety recalls for their vehicles,” said IEPA Director Alec Messina. “Approximately 2 million motorists visit our emissions test stations each year, and this is a great opportunity to provide them with additional information to keep themselves and their families safe.”

Easy links

The Illinois EPA also has created a link to Check To Protect from its website, At the bottom of the page, under the Motorist section, drivers may click on the topic, “Does My Vehicle Have an Open Recall?” and quickly learn the answer after they enter their VIN.

Click the image to go to the Illinois Air Team website, then scroll to the bottom of the page to link to Check to Protect.

“We applaud the Illinois EPA for taking a leadership role in promoting recall awareness to drivers across the state,” NSC President and CEO Deborah A.P. Hersman said. “More than 10 million vehicles are registered in Illinois, and nearly one-quarter of those vehicles have open recalls. It is important for all drivers to take a couple of minutes and check their vehicle’s recall status today.”

The Illinois EPA is the first agency to partner with Check To Protect as part of its emissions testing program. Since it was launched in June by NSC and founding coalition member FCA US, more than 100,000 visitors have clicked to check for open recalls at

About the Illinois EPA’s Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

The Illinois EPA’s vehicle emissions inspection program plays an important role in improving air quality and public health in Illinois. The federal Clean Air Act requires vehicle emissions inspection programs in large, urbanized areas that do not meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone. Although Illinois has made significant strides to clean the air, air pollution levels in the Chicago and Metro-East St. Louis areas still exceed those standards. Additionally, the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law of 2005 requires a vehicle emissions inspection program to reduce air pollution from motor vehicles in these areas of Illinois.

About the National Safety Council

The National Safety Council ( is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy. Founded in 1913 and chartered by Congress, NSC advances this mission by partnering with businesses, government agencies, elected officials and the public in areas where we can make the most impact.


Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
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