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Fox Pointe possibilities

Great ideas!

The Lansing Journal is a community newspaper. We welcome input from fellow residents who have thoughtful things to say about topics that are important to our community.

This month we asked people for ideas about events and activities that Lansing can host in our new Fox Pointe venue when it’s completed this fall.

The Lansing Journal has no involvement with scheduling events at Fox Pointe. We were only interested in gathering ideas from the Lansing community. We appreciate the creative thinking that people put into their answers!

Fox Pointe possibilities: Your thoughtful ideas compiled from email and Facebook

Fox Pointe possibilities
Fox Pointe stage, December 2017 (Photo: Matthew J. Splant)

Patricia Yos

  • Christkindlmarket
  • Battle of the Bands (remember those in the tennis courts at Lan-Oak Pool?)
  • Summertime reunion picnics
  • Flower and Garden Shows with sales of flowers and garden goods
  • Movie nights in the summer
  • Pet Parades
  • Art classes (open air)


Tim Groenewold

I imagine sitting on the nicely mowed lawn at night and watching a kids movie with my family on a nice summer night with popcorn and pop. Bethel Church in Lansing here actually did that a couple of years ago in that very spot, and it was a wonderful time.

Bill Simon

I want to see a blues/jazz festival. Every summer Toranzo Cannon has played under the clock tower with inferior lighting, sound, and no stage. I really enjoy his blues guitar playing and he deserves to be a headliner on the new stage.

Taras Mandzij

Concerts. Family movies. Comedians.

Karen Kijewski

Love this idea of asking everyone!
Fox Pointe possibilities

John Gehring


Michael Andrew Krusza

Amdur Art Festival. I can contact Amy directly if needed.

Amanda Spaulding

After attending the Christmas tree lighting for the past couple of years, I thought it’d be really nice if the children’s choirs could sing on the stage for us, followed by a short walk to the tree for the lighting.

A Christkindlmarket, opening with the Tree Lighting ceremony and Santa’s House, and complete with carolers on stage, a Christmas tree lot, and a temporary ice skating rink perhaps set up in Winterhoff Park.

Those are my thoughts. Thank you so much for asking. Looking forward to the Fox Pointe opening.

Me again! I am thinking about the car shows this time. How about some period music that reflects the days of the cars that are showcased in the car shows? Barber shop quartets, 50s rock and roll, 60s motown, and 70s disco performances? Along with food vendors in the Fox Pointe area? It’d be a nice place to sit, eat, and enjoy some good music after viewing all of the beautiful cars.

Thanks again!

Michele Hasz

Taste of Lansing

Bill Harrison

Have a local business weekend where local businesses can set up a booth and meet citizens of Lansing while also having concerts featuring local talent. Have one weekend where it’s all about celebrating Lansing residents and businesses.

Kris O’Connor

Fox Pointe farmers market

Joseph Bugajski

Something like a pierogi fest, some polka bands and food vendors.
How about a British invasion with cover bands and food vendors?

Fox Pointe possibilities

Ellen-Marie Allen

Music, drama, comedy, amateur nights, competitions, demonstrations, award ceremonies, school bands and choirs, lectures, debates… Will there be a concession stand too?

George Litke

The town of New Lenox also has a pavilion and they usually draw some big name performers from the past and sell tickets in blocks of three or four events. Would be nice to see some old school soul and r&b, classic rock. Some jazz, blues, even gospel.

Jill Denise Koontz

Christmas concert with local singers.

Jennifer Yos

  • Lansing Cares Fest with various charitable organizations providing information, games, auctions, raffles, contests, food, and entertainment to raise awareness and donations for their causes.
  • Photography and/or fine arts competition
  • If there’s enough airspace, model aircraft/drone demonstrations


Lionel Valencia


Howard Schug

Southern gospel, I know the groups

Joann Kijewski

Talent show. Concerts using local artists. Comedy nights. Bands. Choirs. Happy everyone is getting a chance for some input.

Candace Hartge Mulder Barth

How about a Lansing Fest like we had years ago. That was fun.

Adriana E Carbajal

Children’s theater productions and plays.

Elaine Howes

Craft fairs

Jill Laboy

Different musicians every year

Jennifer Arreola

An ice skating rink

Fox Pointe possibilities
Fox Pointe pavilion, December 2017 (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

  • The Lansing Journal first reported on Fox Pointe in October 2017—Fox Pointe progress.
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Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.


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