Thanksgiving thoughts:
Randy Widstrand

by Patricia Muhammad

Thanksgiving is a national holiday set aside for family and friends to gather together to offer thanks and share blessings received throughout the year. Thanksgiving dinner is a traditional expression of gratitude and is symbolic of abundance. Recently, at a community dinner at Lansing’s Trinity Lutheran Church, participants shared with The Lansing Journal their personal thoughts, ideas, and family memories related to Thanksgiving. We published a few in our November print issue, and now we’re publishing all of them online as a “Thanksgiving thoughts” series.

Randy Widstrand (Lansing, Illinois)

Thanksgiving thoughts
Randy Widstrand
“Here at the Lutheran Community Center, for Thanksgiving, it’s going to be a regular community dinner. We are going to do a traditional turkey dinner with turkey, dressing, cranberry, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. Of course, we will serve pumpkin pie, along with a salad and a variety of desserts. We usually receive about 100–120 people and we do about 20 carry-outs. The dinner will be held the Monday before Thanksgiving.”

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