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Thanksgiving thoughts:
Oscar Canales

by Patricia Muhammad

Thanksgiving is a national holiday set aside for family and friends to gather together to offer thanks and share blessings received throughout the year. Thanksgiving dinner is a traditional expression of gratitude and is symbolic of abundance. Recently, at a community dinner at Lansing’s Trinity Lutheran Church, participants shared with The Lansing Journal their personal thoughts, ideas, and family memories related to Thanksgiving. We published a few in our November print issue, and now we’re publishing all of them online as a “Thanksgiving thoughts” series.

Oscar Canales (South Holland, Illinois)

Thanksgiving thoughts
Oscar Canales
“We celebrate Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas with our family. Since we have so many children, it’s hard to bring everyone together, because we have family in Florida and Georgia. It is a beautiful time to thank the Lord for the many blessings that He has given all of us—especially in our nation. We are very blessed that we are able to enjoy Thanksgiving at a time such as this.”

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Patricia Muhammad
Patricia Muhammad
Patricia Muhammad is a contributing writer for both The Lansing Journal and the South Holland Shopper. She enjoys writing stories about events, people, and places she feels would interest local residents—such as the Lansing Car Show, Super Teci's benefit, Water's Edge, and Recycling 101. She is also a published author of three children's books: Princess Feldings & The Academy of Queens, Prince Hasmir High Seas Adventure, and When Jaguars Roar.