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Cowardly, evil, lone-wolf terrorist?


Lansing Voices

thoughtful comments submitted by Richard Smits

Saipov, the Islamic terrorist who mowed down walkers, joggers, and cyclists with a rental truck in New York City on October 31, 2017, was described in many media accounts as an evil, cowardly, lone-wolf terrorist.

Cowardly? Hardly! He acted, convinced that he was being obedient to and honoring his god, Allah. He did this at the likely cost of his life and the grief of his family in the hope of gaining access to Paradise. This was not a cowardly act but a courageous act of worship of a false god.

Lone wolf? No, Saipov is a Muslim who swore allegiance to ISIS, a world-wide Islamic army, fighting to carry out, to the letter, the teachings of the Quran and the examples of their prophet Mohammed! He was not acting alone but in concert with many others following the instructions of their Muslim leaders.

Evil? How does one define evil in our world? Christians call “murder” evil and prohibited in the Bible. Without an absolute moral compass our society believes evil is defined by the consensus of the people and therefore subject to change. Muslims believe that Islam is the true religion and must dominate the world for the glory of Allah, even by violence if need be. Terrorist attacks of the kind in New York City are acceptable (not evil) to Muslims since these serve to reach their goal of Islamic world domination. This why we don’t hear an outcry from the Muslim community in the U.S. against such terrorist acts.

This terrorist act in New York City was not an aberration of a peaceful religion. It is part and parcel of the Islamic worldview. Our real conflict is not with Muslims but with the Islamic worldview that seeks to dominate the world by any means.

Richard A. Smits

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