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thoughtful comments submitted by Cindy and Aldo Sulli and family
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Aldo Sulli and friends

Words alone cannot express the gratitude that my family and I have for the magnitude of support, both emotionally and financially, that has been extended to us from the most caring and kind-hearted individuals who have touched our lives deeply.

Our family is still in awe from the Block Party Benefit. We are so grateful to all of the generous families, friends, and local businesses who seriously rallied together making this flawless event possible to assist Aldo during his challenging days ahead.

We thank everyone who sacrificed their personal time to bring this event to fruition; to all of the volunteers who worked the varied stations at the benefit that surely didn’t go unnoticed and to all who shared the perfect day with us offering endless love for Aldo and our family.

Our appreciation goes beyond measure to JoEllyn Kelley for hosting this Block Party Benefit at J.J. Kelleys and all of the time and planning efforts everyone graciously extended from their selfless hearts. This has been a very scary and emotional time in our lives but all the prayers and support that have been generously gifted to my family sure does help make our circumstances much more bearable. The overwhelming turnout from so many walks of our life lifted our spirits and made us very aware that we are not alone in this fight.

Lansing VoicesYour generous contribution played a big part in the success of this benefit as Aldo’s medical needs will be ongoing. Our family is forever indebted to you!

With much love and gratitude,
Cindy & Aldo Sulli and family

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