Eclipsing Lansing


Community Photography for the September 13, 2017, print issue of The Lansing Journal

The assignment

Send us photos or selfies of your experience with the August 21 solar eclipse.

The response

LANSING, Ill. (August 21) – Not everyone traveled to Carbondale, Illinois, to view the August 21 solar eclipse. Lansing residents didn’t let overcast skies and distance from the path of totality discourage them from participating in the historic, astronomical event. For a couple of hours that Monday afternoon, we turned our eyes toward the skies—

Judy Alderden snapped an eclipse selfie. (Photo: Judy Alderden)

Eclipsing in Lansing
Matthew Splant took a shadow selfie.
Eclipsing in Lansing
Carleen Suzanne Luszyk writes, “My brother Denis Luszyk, niece Angelena Luszyk, and myself Carleen Luszyk, watching the eclipse at 171st and Lorenz Ave.”
Eclipsing in Lansing
Staff and faculty from Illiana Christian High School took a break from meetings to don protective eyewear and do some eclipse viewing. Top photo: Vice Principal A. J. Turkstra and teacher John Van Deel. Bottom photo, front row, from left: Jeff White, Deb Topp, and Jeff DeVries. Second row: Jim Kuiper and Jim Kamphuis.
Eclipsing in Lansing
Was this actually the eclipse? Or just a cloud passing over the sun? Like most of Lansing, Matthew Splant wasn’t sure, so he snapped a photo just in case.
Eclipsing in Lansing
Doris Magnabosco joined a group of neighbors at the Villas of Lansing. They shared protective glasses and took turns trying to see the eclipse.
Eclipsing in Lansing
Lansing residents Ryan Avenatti and Isabel Duran did travel to Champaign, Illinois, to view the eclipse.