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“Thinking of moving”

“Thank you so much for publishing this paper. It’s wonderful. You’ve got area news, great stories, local finds–wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you. We’re thinking of moving to Lansing.”

When a newspaper is attracting new residents to Lansing, you know it’s something special!

“Looking forward”

“Great Lansing news articles. Looking forward to the next edition.”

When people are looking forward to each issue, you know it’s something your organization should be advertising in.

Targeted advertising

The Lansing Journal is the only newspaper dedicated to Lansing, Illinois, so it’s a great way to reach a very targeted audience!

We offer online and print ads in a variety of sizes, from $1,000 (back page, color) to $100 (eighth page, black-and-white). For that low price, your message gets delivered right into Lansing mailboxes!

Timely advertising

We come out in print on the first Wednesday of each month, so your ad can highlight your monthly specials, seasonal sales, or holiday events. Our reasonable rates and reliable schedule make it easy for you to plan your whole year of advertising.

Need help with the planning? Email, and we’ll meet with you to put together a one-sheet “set it and forget it” advertising plan.

Advertising rates

Download our easy-to-read Ad Rates PDF to determine the best fit for your business, school, or church.

Email or call 708-831-2250, x1

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